Thursday, December 4, 2014

"The "Light" of Christ

I cannot believe that this is my last week of my first transfer!  I seriously feel like I was just in the MTC! 

Friday night was the first night the Christmas lights went on!  I was really excited!  The Square was filled with people, joy, peace and the Spirit!  It was pretty chaotic.  It took Sister Palmer and I 10-15 minutes to get from one side of the Square to the other side. 
Saturday was just as busy and crazy as Friday.  Seeing so many kids running around was "heaven" for me.  I loved seeing all of the families coming in and out of the visitor centers.  This year Temple Square created something new for Christmas called "Sing and Smile".  It is basically caroling, just a fancier term for it.  My district did it together.  I loved it!  Singing not only brought peace to my heart, but it also brought peace to the people passing by us.  There were tons and tons of people trying to get in and out of the gates and there was so much traffic and noise.  But when we started singing the atmosphere changed.  Instead of trying to rush by us, people would stop to listen and others would join in and sing.  Children would smile and wave at us.  Parents stopped their children, hugged them and smiled as they listened.  I wish everyone had the opportunity to see this.  It was incredible to see how God brought His children together, to take time to remember His son, Jesus Christ, to remember His birth and resurrection.  As I was singing I could feel the warmth the Savior and Heavenly Father had for these people.  What a blessing it was for me to experience that.
Monday evening we were walking by the reflection pool in front of the temple and a couple of guys stopped us.  One guy pointed to his friend telling us his friend was not a member of the Church so if we could tell him in 30 seconds why he should join the church what would we say?.  Sister Palmer said she could say it in two words, "Greater Happiness".  Then they turned to me.  At first I said "what my companion said" and smiled.  I felt a little nervous and under pressure, but I calmed myself down and said "Because the Savior loves you."  They were both happy with our answers.  They then asked us if there was any significance to some of the Christmas lights being red.  I told him there is no significance to the lights being red, but all of the lights do symbolize something.  The lights here on Temple Square represent the "light" of Christ.  We are blessed to see and feel His presence here.  I continued saying that unfortunately we cannot always see these lights, but if we look for it each day we CAN see Christ's light throughout our day.  I then challenged him to start that evening by looking for the "light" of Christ each day.  He said he would.  I want to give all of you this same challenge.  Throughout your day look for that "light" of Christ at work, school, in your homes, on our jog,etc and write down what you observed at the end of the day.  Then express your feelings for the Savior and why you were grateful to Him that day.  I hope you will all take this challenge because I promise you your day will go much smoother and less stressful.
Today the General Relief Society Presidency of the church spoke to us for Relief Society.  Sister Linda Reeves gave the talk.  She talked about the importance of Relief Society and the incredible role we as women have to serving the world.  She gave a wonderful talk and shared some inspiring stories from a book called "Daughters of my Kingdom."  I got to hug them and talk briefly with them.  They radiate the spirit of our Savior and I was very blessed to meet them.
For lunch we went to Leatherby's with our roommates.  Sister Depablos and I shared this huge ice cream!  We were able to take the rest home. :)

I got to see Aunty Patty today!  We were on our way to Harmons and she was coming down the escalator as we were going up!
I have a strong belief in my Savior.  He lives.  I love this gospel.  I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father knows me personally.  Whether storms or sun come my way I know I am watched over by Him.  I love this gospel I say these things int he name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.
Sister Mikeila Aquino

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