Thursday, December 18, 2014

He Hears and Answers Every Prayer

This past week has gone by so fast!  I feel as though I just had P-day not too long ago!
Sunday I got the chance to announce!  Every Sunday after "Music and the Spoken Word" Temple Square sisters get to recite a little paragraph, in their native language, inviting people to take tours with them.  I, of course, only speak English, so recited it in English.  It actually started snowing on us while we announced.  As freeeeezing as I was, I had so much fun seeing the snow!  Unfortunately, once again, the snow melted away, later on, but it lasted long enough to be in my pictures and that is all I care about.

Monday we were treated with delicious soup for dinner!  Six families got together and made soup and desserts for our mission.  Some young women also made rice and corn bags for each of us!  I got a corn bag of course, because that is what my mom made for us growing up.  I love it!
Ahhh, there's nothing like a warm corn bag!
So we got a referral from another sister missionary and this man is from Liberia, where missionaries for the church cannot serve.  Tuesday we called him and he was very nice, but it was difficult to understand him because of the fuzzy phone connection.  In the middle of the conversation the phone disconnected so we tried calling again.  I said a silent prayer to Heavenly Father asking Him to help Sister Palmer and I be able to understand him.  I believe Heavenly Father blesses us with simple miracles everyday because when we continued the conversation we were able to understand him much better.  Some of you might think that your prayers are insignificant or unheard, but I testify to you that they are not.  God does hear every single one of us.  

Wednesday we had the wonderful opportunity to have Christmas dinner at a member's home, the Bowman family.  The Bowman's served in the Oakland California mission a few years ago and absolutely loved it!  They shared some wonderful experiences they had with us.   Sister Bowman made what she called, "a snowball".  It tasted like a chicken roll.  We had salad and broccoli with it.  For dessert we had strawberry ice cream (my favorite flavor!) with different cookies.  After dinner we sat in the living room and sang Christmas hymns while Sister Bowman played the piano and Sister Garcia played the violin.  The Bowmans have such a strong and special spirit in their home.  I felt like I was at home because my family always stands around my mom while she plays the piano and sing.  Sister Bowman gave each of us a miniature Christmas tree.  I cried with so much gratitude and humbled heart.  This will be my very first Christmas away from home, but Heavenly Father really does take care of His missionaries.
Christmas dinner with the Bowmans
Our very own Christmas trees
I have felt the love of my Savior so much this week!  Serving a mission has shown me my weaknesses, but it is through the Savior that I can make "weak things become strong".  I am learning to persevere through trials and hardships because I know that the Savior will always be there to uplift me as long as I obey Him.  I love my family.  The temple is where families can be united for eternity.  I pray and hope that all families will have that sacred opportunity one day.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

I love you all!  Have a Merry Christmas and share the love of Christ with all!

Love, Sister Mikeila Aquino

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