Friday, December 26, 2014

The Book of Mormon IS the word of God

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Christmas is my very favorite holiday.  It is one that is filled with laughter, joy, peace and love.  If you live in a place like Utah it also brings you snow.  :)  Can you believe the snow did not arrive until Christmas day?!  Crazy right? 

Saturday was my very first 24 hour exchange.  I was with Sister Leavitt and Sister Palmer was with our district leader, Sister Garcia.  Sister Leavitt is from Nevada.  She such a sweet and nice friend.  One thing she taught me was to always introduce the Book of Mormon to the people we talk with.  She said that three things she always says to introduce herself is 1) her name, 2) who she is representing and 3) the Book of Mormon.
While we were at TC desk (South VC), we met two college age guys who were visiting Utah because one of them was checking out one of the medical programs at one of the schools.  They didn't know much about "Mormons."  (For privacy purposes I will use different names to tell the story).  Joe is the one applying to schools and Bob is the other guy not applying.  One thing we shared with them was what the Book of Mormon was.  I decided to give Joe a copy of the Book of Mormon.  Bob, who seemed to have a funny sense of humor, asked if we had a kids version of the Book of Mormon because there is no way he could ever read something like that.  We showed him that here are actually pictures in the front.  I turned to the picture of Lehi and his family on the ship.  I was about to share the story when Bob pointed to one of the kids in the picture and said "Look at this kid!  He's so ripped!"  Then he started laughing.  Sister Leavitt and I couldn't help it, we laughed too.  haha.  We eventually were able to talk about the story.  Some other sisters gave them a tour.  They ended up both taking their own copy of the Book of Mormon.  I know that the Book of Mormon is the most correct book ever written.  No matter what your beliefs are, if you ever have a concern or need some uplifiting, read the Book of Mormon.  If ever in your life you feel lonely, read this book and it will give you the peace you are never alone.  If you want your own copy go onto and ask the missionaries to have a copy delivered to your home.  The Book of Mormon is not just a book, it contains the words of God.  As you read it, I promise you you will feel of His personal love for you. 
Not very many people know this, but I am Filipino.  I was invited to the Filipino lunch on Saturday.  The food was delicious!  Before we ate, the other Filipino sisters sang some songs, all in Tagalog, of course. haha.  Other sisters walking past the room we were in had confused looks, because they didn't know I was Filipino and I wear an American flag on my tag.

Monday I got to go on a 24 hour exchange again!  This time it was with my awesome district leader Sister Garcia, from Spain.  We were in the TAB for our assignment and I met this man (I will call him Rob for privacy reasons as well).  Rob was not a member of the church and he had never been to Temple Square before.  He had been going through some rough things.  He was raised Catholic, but since then has just been a "non-practicing" Christian.  We talked for a while and I got to know more about his beliefs.  As we were talking, the thought came to my mind that he needed a Book of Mormon.  I waited for a while and kept talking.  He eventually said he wanted to have a look around the Tabernacle.  A few minutes later he asked me to take his picture.  I was ready to invite him to read The Book of Mormon.  Well, he kind of said "bye" and left too quickly.  By then our time was finished at the Tabernacle and as Sister Garcia and I were walking towards the North VC I told her about the experience and the impression I had.  Rob was actually by the North VC looking at the Nativity on the lawn.  We saw him make his way the opposite direction from us towards West Gate.  Sister Garcia told me that we needed to go after him and give him the Book of Mormon.  I was honestly surprised, but we went and found Rob near the Assembly Hall.  I had never really, I guess you could say, chased someone down before, but I knew Sister Garcia was right.  I told Rob I had the impression to give him a Book of Mormon.  I said he could read it when he felt ready, but I promised him the Book of Mormon would bring him peace, especially at this time in his life.  He accepted the copy.  I am very grateful to Sister Garcia for encouraging me to have faith in the promptings given to me by the Holy Ghost.  Sister Garcia taught me it is far more important to "fear God more than man." 

Monday evening I got to see the Guerreros! There is a whole long story of how they kind of surprised me, but I don't have time to share.  Basically they had their phones out taking pictutes of me talking with people.  They are so funny!  Love them!  It was fun to see Gabe and Lem and Shawna's new baby!  She is adorable!  I wish there was no rule saying that we can't hold babies :(  I understand the reasoning behind it though.

Christmas morning we woke up to snow!  Finally!  I was so excited! I, of course, got my camera out!  Sister Palmer and I had breakfast with out roommates, Siter Nakmatsu and Sister Atchu.  So fun!  After opening our gifts we went to another Filipino lunch/ song practice for the Christmas program.
Since I am part Filipino, I was asked to sing "What Child is This" with  the Filipino sisters in the program.  I wish I had more time to write about the beautiful and spiritual program that was put together.  At the end, President Poulsen began reciting "The Living Christ" and one by one sisters stood up reciting one paragraph at a time.I also got to call home which was so special.

I love you all!
Sister Mikeila Aquino

Christmas Morning

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