Thursday, October 30, 2014

So Happy to be on Temple Square

I cannot believe I am actually here in Temple Square!  Leaving the MTC was hard because of the wonderful memories I had since day one. I miss my companions but I am very happy to be here on the Square doing the Lord's work. The sight of the temple is just breath taking!  Seeing the temple everyday is such a wonderful reminder to me of what this precious life is about.    
Early morning (6am) yesterday, eighteen of us sisters hopped onto an MTC bus and headed over for Salt Lake City Temple Square.  When we arrived we were brought into a theater room where our new name tags were given to us.  (A name tag with the flag of the country we are from.) I was overjoyed to put my new tag on!  I could not believe I was out on the field!  We each got to shake our Mission President's hand.  President and Sister Poulsen are sweet and wonderful people!  Eventually we were assigned our trainer, our new companion.  My companion is Sister Palmer!  She is form northern California as well.  This will be her last transfer.  I love having her as a companion!  She is very patient and loving towards me.  She has taught me how to recognize the Spirit more and how to be obedient to the Lord. She has strengthened my testimony so much since I have been here.  
Look! My new name tag!

My trainer, Sister Palmer

President and Sister Poulsen
The New Sisters on Temple Square

 When we went out onto the Square we met a couple visiting from SF.  We were in the North VC (Visitor Center) by "God's Plan".  They had just watched the Restoration film before coming upstairs.  They said it was very touching.  I asked her why she thought that and she said it was unjust for Joseph Smith to be treated the way he was when he was a harmless man. Then she pointed to the Book of Mormon  I was holding and asked to look at it.  My companion offered to give her a copy and she accepted!  How awesome is that!  They said they had never seen an LDS temple before.  I was surprised, but grateful for the opportunity to share about temples.  We then took them through "God's Plan".  The last clip froze on us, but the spirit was so strong there I don't think it mattered.  Sister Palmer asked me to share my testimony and when I did I felt so happy for this couple and such love for them.  I could tell, especially in the wife's eyes that they felt the Spirit.  We then went downstairs gave them a Book of Mormon and a card for  I invited them to visit the Oakland Temple when they went home and explained that although they cannot go in it they will still feel peace and joy walking on it's grounds.  I hope they will continue to be curious about the gospel!  They were a very nice couple!

On Saturday for VC training I got a contact!  We got to come here to Temple Square for a few hours and were paired up with a sister on the Square.  I was with Sister Hardy.  We met in the South VC and then began our evening walking out on the grounds.  We about to pass by the temple when a man yelled out to us.  He had a couple walking with him and he asked if we could give them a tour.  Oh course!  We didn't even have to go very far to find someone. In fact we didn't even find them, they kind of came to us.   They were from New Zealand and had never been to Utah.  They have been traveling to different states.  He had read some things about the church and so he knew about the Restoration.  We brought them to the TAB (tabernacle)  The recording of the MOTAB (Mormon Tabernacle choir) was finishing up when we got there.  Sister Hardy discussed the history of the building and then she asked me to give a testimony of the prophet.  Next we went to the AH (Assembly Hall).  Sister Hardy shared the history and her testimony and then I explained the importance of going to church.  Going to Church is important because it is the one day of the week that we can take time for ourselves away from our chaotic lives.  We can just focus on the Lord and remember the covenants we made with Him.v  When we place ourselves in this environment we are strengthening our relationship with the Savior and telling Him that we care about Him.  Our last stop was the Christus.  We played the narration for them and I could tell they were really listening to what was being said.  Sister Hardy asked if I wanted to invite them to keep in touch with us.  Once they expressed their feelings I asked them for an email.  I was so happy!  The husband said that he wants to come back and visit because if people like us are very happy with this life style and have so much love for the Savior it must be something worth learning about.  Those weren't his exact words, but that was what I understood.  Since then I have emailed him and haven't gotten a response back yet, but Sister Hardy said she saw them on Sunday at "Music in the Spoken Word".  I still have hope they will email back!

I absolutely love it here!  I am excited so for this mission! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!  Continue to work hard at missionary work.

Sister Mikeila Aquino

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