Monday, October 13, 2014

I love the MTC

Hi!  I cannot believe that on Wednesday I will have been at the MTC for a whole week!  I absolutely love the MTC!  I love my companions. Our district is made up of four Elders (Elder Thalman, Elder Snuka, Elder Cartwright and Elder Randolph) and us three sisters.  We have awesome teachers and I love our classes!  I have learned so much and my understanding of using the Holy Ghost has changed

My wonderful district

Our zone

 On Wednesday and Thursday we had awesome classes (I guess you would call them) where we sat met an investigator( I'm pretty sure their actual investigators) and as a whole group (all new missionaries) we would try to answer their questions about the Church.  It was interesting how different missionaries approached each question.  I really enjoyed it though!

Thursday (my second day) was really difficult for me.  I was lacking confidence in my self and my teaching.  By the end of the day I learned that I don't need to worry about my teaching ability, I need to trust the Holy Ghost to teach.  As long as I prepare myself spiritually and do my best, it is not up to me whether or not the investigator understands the lesson.  It is what they feel in their heart that matters.  This is where my mission scripture comes into play D&C 100:5-6.  It amazes me how easily we as human beings can forget the gifts we have been given.  I received the gift of the Holy Ghost and yet I did not use it at all on Thursday.  

Friday has probably been my favorite day yet.  I cannot exactly explain the exact feelings I had, but our district had such inspiring and memorable discussions that day that just had the Spirit bouncing all over the walls!  We were all speaking the Lord's words, and we just felt so happy.

In school I hated role playing, but every since I have been hear I absolutely love it!  My teaching skills have improved so much!  Our teachers would act as investigators and as a companionship we would "got to their home" and meet with them.

Sunday was THE busiest Sunday I have ever experienced.  It was weird having Relief Society before Sacrament meeting.  The Branch President assigned everyone in the Zone to write a talk on repentance and in sacrament meeting he would announce who would be speaking.  Scary huh?  Fortunately I didn't have to speak.  I just lead the music.  In the evening there was a devotional given by the Church media person who gave a really neat talk.  The Church has created some awesome initiatives.  Check them out! He showed us the ones for Easter and Mother's Day.  Then we watched a talk given by Elder Bednar at an MTC Christmas Devotional called "Character of Christ"  I highly suggest watching it.

Sister Mikeila Aquino

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