Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Finding blessings through trials

Wow!  Another transfer is here!  The words" I have been out for over a year" scare me more and more.  I am grateful that Sister Butler and I were companions.  She is beautiful and I learned so much from her.  We were able to have experiences that strengthened us and helped us to learn more about charity.  If you ever have trials with a friend, do not let the lesson(s) you learn go in vain!  Sister Butler is great in simplicity when teaching and she loves the Lord.  I am going to miss her.
My new companion, Sister Carinote
Sister Butler and I in the Beehive House

I love my new companion, Sister Cariñote.  She is from the Philippines!  We will be serving in the Humanitarian Center and this will be a first time for both of us!
I am sad to say this is President and Sister Poulsen's last transfer!  They both mean so much to me and I am going to miss them! At transfer Conference, President and Sister Poulsen shared wonderful testimonies!

Sister Poulsen shared a simple experience with a powerful message.  This past weekend she had just put up their Christmas tree.  The morning of our transfer conference she woke up to find that the Christmas tree had fallen over.  She continued on to say, "There will be disappointment and adversity that will come our way."  She said it is up to us how we will react to them and encouraged us to always have a positive outlook on life.
This is something I will strive to develop this transfer.  I know I struggle with patience at times, but I know that Sister Poulsen's words are true.  The atonement, Christ's sacrifice for us, allows each of us to have hope, joy, charity and faith.  We cannot control the circumstances around us, but we definitely have control of our reactions to them.  I commit myself and invite all of you to find the blessing in every trial we go through.  Fall to your knees and plead for Heavenly Father's help.  I know He will answer us if we will listen.
I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Positivity comes from having charity for others and love for the Savior.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Sister Mikeila Aquino

Winter is beautiful!

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