Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Savior of the World"

There is still no sign of snow!  It is a little warmer, but I am ready for the snow. haha.

Friday we gave a tour to three ladies who were all friends and visiting.  We began our tour introducing ourselves, getting to know them and briefly explaining what the tour would consist and our purpose as missionaries.  We were about to start when one of them asked what the difference between the Book of Mormon and the Bible were.  We somewhat paused for a few seconds and out of nowhere I simply explained the Restoration the Gospel.  I could not believe it!  The spirit had directed me to do so and when I opened my mouth I taught the whole first lesson!  I was so grateful to the Spirit for giving me the confidence to do so.  I usually feel comfortable teaching about the Restoration, but I don't think I have ever taught it as efficiently and simple as I did that day. 

Sunday I was sitting in Guest Services and Sister Palmer got a call.  I then heard her say she would transfer them over to me.  I was a little surprised.  I answered said my line "Welcome to Temple Square Services this is Sister Aquino"  "Hi this is Erin."  Awww!!!!!  I was so excited!  We got other sisters to sit at the desk for a few minutes. We ran upstairs and I was just so happy.  It felt so nice to see a familiar face.  I had fun!
Surprise visit with the Parkes...Love you guys!

I spent most of Monday in the dentist office because Sister Palmer had to drive a sister so she could get a root canal.  We got another contact on chat who really wants to learn more about the church!  Yay!  In the Evening we got to take a  member family through "God's Plan."  They have six children as well and they made me realized how grateful I am for my family.  The Spirit was calm and powerful during that time.  It is difficult to explain the feeling of the Spirit at times but know this, Heavenly Father IS aware of every single family that exists.  He knows your family names and each individual member.  He knows your strengths and your weaknesses.  He knows the trials and hardships your family is going through.  He also knows how important an eternal family is.  That is why He provided the Savior to atone for us.  That is why he created temples so that our families could be sealed together for eternity.  The temple is the only way for us to be an eternal family.  I know this to be true. 
Tuesday evening we went to watch the LDS production "Savior of the World"  Oh my goodness if any of you are out here in Utah during Christmas I encourage you to come see this production!  It does not matter what faith or your belief in God is, I promise you it will bring joy into your life.  The production depicts Christ's birth and his resurrection. My testimony of Christ's humbled birth grew that evening.  I really admire the obedience to God of Mary and Joseph.  Once again the spirit touched me. 

With "Mary" from "Savior of the World"

Wednesday we had another Explore Day!  We went to the Humanitarian Center.  This church is incredible with all of the relief efforts and service they do through out the world.  It is really fascinating to see how efficient they are.  It really is their purpose that drives though, that is the Savior.
Humanitarian Center

Every new missionary has to pass off giving a tour to their zone leaders and I passed!  Yay!  Sister Palmer and I get to go eat at the "Lion House' for free!
I bare testimony Christ's birth is a precious gift to us all.  I love the joy and peace I feel her eon Temple Square. I know God loves everyone here in this earth. I know Christ is our one  perfect example who wants what is best for us. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.
Love, Sister Aquino

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