Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Power of Uplifting Music

       Yesterday, we took two ladies on a tour.  "Clara" was not a member of the church, and "Kristi" was a less active member. (names changed) They had been friends since they were children.  We began the tour in the Tabernacle explaining the purpose of it's dome shaped roof and how important it was that we listen to a living prophet to give us direction.  They were amazed by the organ, as everyone is, but didn't ask many questions about anything else.  We next went to the Assembly Hall where we discussed how much dedication it took to build the benches and pillars.  Although church services did not actually take place in the Assembly Hall, we explained what happens in our church services.  Kristi brought up that she remembered attending Primary class (Sunday school for the children) and that her favorite song was "I Am A Child Of God."  At first Sister Evangelista and I were planning to take them to the model of the temple, but the spirit prompted us in another direction, to the God's Plan exhibit.  At this point in the tour, we were having a difficult time figuring out their concerns or needs.  Our conversation and tour was kind of "all over the place." 
      We got to the "God's Plan" door to find a group already in one room and another group waiting to go in with other sisters.  So, we went downstairs so they could use the restroom.  I was so glad on the timing of everything because when we went back upstairs the first thing Kristi said was, "Now I have that song stuck in my head."  (Referring to 'I am A Child Of God.') I pulled up the lyrics on my ipad and gave it to her to show Clara.  Kristi started singing the first verse.  The spirit beamed in the room and I knew our tour was going to end the way the Lord would have it end. 
     This experience was a testimony to me of the power of hymns and uplifting music.  The world today offers too many unwholesome environments and sounds.  Sometimes our lives are clouded by the noise of yelling and cursing and harsh sounds.  Wholesome music and hymns always invite the spirit and give us the peaceful direction we need in our lives.When we have too much noise and distractions in our lives,  we should turn it down and tune into the music of the spirit.         
     I bear witness that Jesus Christ is coming and now is the time for us to turn our hearts to wholesome thoughts and to make righteous decisions.  These righteous decisions will lead us back to our Heavenly Father's presence.  I am grateful for our church hymns and the Primary songs because they keep my thoughts pure and help me feel my Savior's love.  I say these things in th name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.
Sister Mikeila Aquino

I love being a missionary on Temple Square

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