Friday, October 2, 2015

Prophet, Profeta, ศาสดาพยากรณ์

I apologize that I have not written for over a month!  There have been so many transitions and changes these last couple of transfers, but I am enjoying it!  Being a missionary in Tempe Arizona was life changing and an incredible experience!  I miss all of the friends and memories we made. Tempe will always have a special place in my heart! 

I have been back to Temple Square for a transfer and now starting another this week!  Last transfer I was in a trio with the beautiful sisters Sister Solorzano (from Peru/Spain) and Sister Chansriramee (from Thailand).  We served at Welfare Square.  I loved being with these two sisters!  Sister Solorzano taught me how to have more charity and Sister Chansriramee taught me the importance of patience.  I was a district leader and they both were so supportive!  The sisters in our district were all wonderful!  I am grateful I had the opportunity to get to know them.  This next transfer I am still with Sister Chansriramee and I am excited to learn more from her!  

I am excited for this weekend because it is General Conference again!  Three new apostles will be called!  General Conference is a time for everyone around the world to listen to a prophet of God.  I believe that God does call a prophet and apostles for our day, to give us direction just like during biblical times. 

One of the things I love about Temple Square is that tours and lessons are given in about fifty different languages!  Our Thai investigator, Lucy (name changed for privacy purposes) and her boyfriend were baptized last transfer!  This last summer some sisters were able to meet Lucy and her boyfriend during their visit to Temple Square.  They decided to stay in contact with those sisters to learn more about the restored gospel.  Well, Lucy is originally from Thailand and so the other sisters asked Sister Chansriramee to teach Lucy.  Now they are both baptized and very happy in life!

Thursday evening was filled with wonderful opportunities for us!  We were supposed to take an English tour but when we went to look for them we couldn't find them.  The sisters at the front desk then asked us to play God's Plan in Spanish for a family because no Spanish sisters were available. The granddaughter spoke English, but was only able to translate some things.  She was a member of the church, but her uncle and grandmother (visiting form Chile) were not.  From what Spanish I could remember from high school I was able to relate some things to them, but not really that much. Heavenly Father was definitely with us.  We invited them to meet with missionaries and they gave us their contact information so we can send missionaries to their home.

 That same evening we were already running late getting home for studies because we were taking tours, which is not a bad thing at all!  Well, as we walked by the reflection pool, we felt prompted to talk with this man sitting at the pool looking at the temple.  He was a member visiting for conference from Mexico for the first time!  In the middle of the conversation Sister Chansriramee asked him if he kept a journal, so that he could record his General Conference experiences.  He said he wasn't the best at keeping it, so we got talking about how pictures are a great way to keep a journal.  We also talked about social media and how it can be a tool to share the gospel.  He said he didn't really like social media.  Well, we explained how he could use it to do missionary work.  I told him that I was not a big fan of social media either because it is not always used in wholesome or productive ways. But, I shared that I keep a mission blog and how my companion in AZ and I used Facebook to share our testimonies and uplift the members.  We will be following up with him on this commitment.  I loved the training by the missionary department!  It has really blessed us!
These three experiences taught me the powerful and true principle that their is a modern day prophet of God on the earth today!  God speaks to all of us!  He speaks to Christians and non Christians.  He speaks to children and grandparents.  He speaks to all of us in our native language. He speaks to Lucy.  He speaks to the member visiting from Mexico.  He speaks to the part members family from Chile.  He speaks to me.  He loves and speaks to everyone and that has always been through a prophet of God.  I know this to be true, not because I have shaken President Thomas S. Monson's hand, but because I have prayed and listened to him.  General Conference was not established for just the believers, but also for those who need any direction in life.  I urge each and everyone of you watch and rewatch/read General Conference.  I promise all of you that the spirit of God will testify the truth to you.  Each of us is searching for something in life; through a man called of God you will find what you are looking for.  
You are probably wondering the translation of my blog title.  Prophet, Profeta, ศาสดาพยากรณ์
 It is the word prophet in English, Spanish and Thai.  This is to show that God does speak all of us! 

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Love, Sister Mikeila Aquino
One last pic with Sisters McDaniel & Sinamban in AZ

My District this past transfer with our ZL

My companions Sister Solorzano & Sister Chansriramee at Welfare Square

Zone Activity at Cottonwood Canyon-where the granite for the Salt Lake Temple came from

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