Monday, June 8, 2015

Mission life in Tempe, AZ

June 08,2015

  I am here in Tempe, Arizona!  I absolutely love this mission!  President and Sister Toone are incredible people!  They both have so much love for each and every one of their missionaries.  Sister McDaniel also came outbound to Tempe from Temple Square.  It was really nice to have a friend to be with. 
For the first few days we stayed in the mission home.  I am not going to lie, it was really nice to have a home cooked meal again!  The mission home was so welcoming and comfortable!  

The second to last day, President and Sister Toone took the new missionaries to the Mesa Temple and visitor center.  I love going to the temple!  The Mesa Temple grounds are stunning!
I have been hoping to have a Filipina companion sometime during my mission, and I got one!  Sister Sinamban is a sweetheart!  She is a great listener, hard working and very faithful to the Lord.  Just this past week she has really shown me the importance of acting on my faith in the Lord and just doing what He says without questions asked.  I love her so much!  We travel by bike and honestly I love it!  Yes it is pretty dang hot out here, but the Lord has blessed us with wonderful church members who always open their homes so we can get some water.

I was very excited to go to church on Sunday because it has been so long since I have been in a family ward!  Parents might disagree, but hearing the babies scream and fuss during sacrament meeting was soothing to my ears.  I miss seeing families at church!  

This week I have learned so much on how to be a better and happier person.  One message that stuck out to me was the importance of faith.  I was a little nervous to knock on the doors of people we visited, but because of my companion's example and the Lord's love for me, I had the confidence to continue to share my testimony.  I encourage all of you to read Alma chapter 32 in the Book of Mormon.  Faith is something meant to be simple, but often we forget to have it because life becomes chaotic and crazy.  If you are fearful of doing the Lord's will, standing up for what is right,or living a righteous life, then pray to God asking for strength.  Satan wants you to not be happy and wants you to fear man more than God.  But I promise you that as you pray, study Alma 32, you will find peace and you will have faith.  I know that God is aware of my desires and my fears.  I know that He is always the one to comfort me and help me find greater happiness.  I say these things int he name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.
Sister Mikeila Aquino

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