Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Sacred Calling as a Missionary

We had Zone Training this last week and what an inspirational meeting that was!  My approach to missionary work now has changed for the better.  The main focus was extending the baptism invite with our investigators in the first lesson and when we contact people on the Square.  As missionaries we are called of God to preach the gospel to others and we have the authority to invite others to be baptized by the proper priesthood authority.  It is so easy to forget or we might be apprehensive to do it because we do not want to offend those not of our faith, but from that meeting I have a stronger testimony of the importance of extending invitations, especially the baptism invite.

On exchange with Sister Yim
Yesterday I was on an exchange with Sister Yim from Hong Kong, and we took a Cantonese tour.  They were two men who were friends, Tim and Larry (not their real names).  They both moved here to Utah from China.  Tim could only speak Cantonese and Larry spoke both Cantonese and English.  Tim did not have a belief in God and Larry did.  Larry brought Tim to try and persuade him to believe in God.  For the first part of the tour Sister Yim talked with Tim and I talked with Larry.  I learned that although Larry had a belief in God and Jesus Christ he did not agree with having to attend church or find the one truth because as long as we are kind, and have a relationship with God we are okay.  As we walked from place to place I began to share the Plan of Salvation, but then our conversations turned elsewhere and I thought that Larry needed to hear about the Restoration, but none of what was said brought the Spirit.  Larry was constantly talking and talking and he never allowed the Spirit to teach him what he needed to hear.  When we were at the Christus,  I thought that maybe he would open up to more of the message, but still that Spirit I expected to come, did not.  We then ended the tour by taking them through "God's Plan".  In the third room, the Zone Training came to mind and I felt that we needed to give Tim and Larry the baptism invite.  In the last room when the video was finished, we asked them to share their thoughts and feelings from the presentation.  Tim was touched because it shared the importance of family.  At that time I knew for certain Heavenly Father wanted us to invite him to be baptized.  I felt unsure how to approach this because Tim and Larry had two completely different understandings of God, but I felt the Spirit right next to me.  After Larry had shared his thoughts I told them we had individual invites to give them.  I looked at Tim and asked that when he comes to know that God exists, would he be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ?  Sister Yim translated for him and he said "Yes"!  We continued to bare testimony to him and asked him to stay in contact with us so we could help him learn more about his relationship with God.  Later she explained to me that after we had invited Tim to stay in contact with us, Larry told him there was no need to because he could teach Tim about God.  Apparently Sister Yim immediately told Tim, "No!  Do not listen to him!  We are missionaries and we have been called of God to teach others about God and Jesus Christ."  Tim's response was that he willl only listen to Sister Yim and will only ask her when he has questions.  In the end, Tim gave Sister Yim his number to stay in touch.
Although this experience was a very intense, I came out of it with a more profound testimony of being worthy of the Spirit.  I testify to all of you that the Holy Ghost does  exist.  I know that Thomas S. Monson is a living day prophet who holds the proper priesthood authority, the same authority Jesus Christ himself did.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.
Sister Aquino

My district in the Beehive House

A package full of sunshine from the Ringleins!

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