Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Heavenly Father Doesn't Create Junk.

  Heavenly Father is always watching out for each and every one of us every minute of the day.  I know this to be true, not only in my own personal life but also in the lives of our investigators.  As a missionary, it is such a rewarding experience to see others' faith in Jesus Christ grow constantly as they continue to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Welcome to the Beehive House!

As missionaries, our center purpose in everything we do, whether it be giving a tour in the Beehive House or talking with visitors on Temple Square, is to share the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  On Wednesday in the Beehive House, we took two families together on a tour. Neither of them were members of the church.  One family asked a lot of detailed questions about the materials in the house, but not much about what we were sharing about the gospel or the history.  In the second to last room of the tour, this family needed to leave and so we said good-bye.  The other family with us asked questions as well, but we did not get a chance to get to know them since they came in a little after we had started the tour, so this gave us the opportunity to do so.  The father asked us about our beliefs in Jesus Christ and how they are both similar and how they differ from other Christian faiths.  He said he was not biased one way or another because he was Jewish, but he was curious.  We shared many things including the Book of Mormon.  In the end we asked if he would like his own copy of the Book of Mormon and he accepted one!  Sister Chayama and I did not expect this at all.  I don't think that that man would not have accepted our invitation if the other family was still present.  I truly believe that when Heavenly Father knows someone is prepared to accept an invitation, like the Book of Mormon, He will create an environment that allows that person to recognize the Spirit's promptings.

Today we took another inspiring tour in the Beehive House.  It was a group of three, who were all members and they strengthened my testimony a lot!  Several times throughout the tour they would share their knowledge and testimony of Brigham Young and the gospel.  At one point we came to one of the hallways that has a nice big golden mirror in the wall.  The dad mentioned how the gold material reminded him of the mirror in the movie "Johnny Lingo."  We talked a little bit about the movie and what we liked about it.  During all of this Sister Chayama had that face that she was thinking about what to say.  Then she shared that the mirror shows us exactly what we look like.  The gospel of Jesus Christ helps us see who we truly are by experiencing the love of of Heavenly Father.  He knows, cares and cherishes each of us as His children.  Something I liked that one of the daughters said was, "Heavenly Father doesn't create junk."  She was absolutely right!  Heavenly Father only creates beautiful, worthwhile creations. I wish everyone in the world believed of this love from Him.  I hope as this week continues I will have countless opportunities to share this.

My invitation to you this week is to thank your Heavenly Father for all of the blessings, talents, gifts He has given you.  I promise you that as you recognize your strengths and express this to Heavenly Father you will feel a much stronger love and peace from Him.  If you are a member of the church I have an additional invitation for you.  Think of at least one person who you would like to share the gospel with and give them a copy of the Book of Mormon.  Write your personal testimony in it to them.  I know that if you do this for that specific person, they will have greater happiness in their lives and your faith in the Savior will increase.

I know that "faith without works is dead."  Not every experience I have will bring me comfort and enjoyment, but I know in the eternal perspective they will all bring me happiness because I will have learned how to humble myself before the Lord.  I love our living day prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  He has brought so much peace and love from our Heavenly Father into this world.  I love my family because they are the ones who have prepared me for our eternal life together.  I know  that the early pioneers did not make the trek from New York to Utah on false beliefs because I have witnessed the blessings and miracles from their faith in a living and loving Heavenly Father.  I know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Sister Aquino 

Kneaders!  YUM!

Happy Valentine's from home
I was really happy to see my sister from BYU-H!  She leaves for her mission to Guam this week and I know the people will be blessed to have her   



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