Thursday, May 28, 2015

So many miracles...

This week I am with Sister Parrish until I go outbound to Arizona!  This transfer the process is a little different.  During the summer time, Temple Square has a lot of Mandarin motor coaches, which means we need several Mandarin speaking sister missionaries.  This transfer, those of us going outbound will be going to missions where Mandarin speaking sisters are serving so that those sisters can serve on Temple Square.  So, I don't leave until next week!  Sister Parrish is from Australia and she is really fun to be around! 
Sister Parish and me

So many miracles happened this week!  The Spirit is so strong and soothing!

Saturday, one of our investigators entered the waters of baptism!  He is living here in Utah.  Sister Andre and I met him during my third transfer while we were on exchange.  Last transfer Adekunle changed his number and Sister Hampton and I had forgotten to save it!  We asked the Zone leaders to call the Bishop and find out his new number, but he never got back to them.  So, we decided to put him as a 'former investigator' and not focus on him as much.  Well, last Thursday, guest services told me that I was invited to a baptism for Adekunle!  I was soooooo happy!
Adekunle's baptism with Sister Andre
Tuesday I was on an exchange with Sister Kemple from Washington/Italy.  She has a very sweet spirit about her.  We took a tour of a family of three visiting from out of town.  The father was a less active member of the church and the wife and their son were not members, but were Christian.  The tour was awesome!  The spirit was present the whole way through.  While we were at the Christus, we played the words of Christ and Sister Kemple and I looked at one another and both said, "We need to take them through God's Plan."  As we went through, I felt prompted to invite them to read the Book of Mormon.  At the end, the spirit was overpowering and completely filled the room!  We asked the family what their thoughts and feelings were.  All of them were crying.  The son, who had been silent the whole tour replied, "I am grateful for my family" and choked up.  Sister Kemple and I both stood their silently, allowing the spirit to continue speaking with them.  It felt like five minutes had passed before the father started to share his feelings.  He turned to his wife to say something.  She too had been somewhat on the silent side, but this time she opened up.  The father shared how the reason they were down here was because of a recent death in their family and that they also wanted to come to Temple Square.   The next thing that came out of my mouth were not my own words; they were Heavenly Father's.  I told them that visiting family was not the only reason they came to Utah.  They also came to see them temple and that they needed to prepare to go to the temple so that their family could be sealed for eternity.  I promised them that as they do this they will be able to see their family members again one day.  Sister Kemple has such a beautiful testimony that naturally brought more power into that room.   I cannot remember if we invited them to read the Book of Mormon or not, but that does not matter.  I know that Heavenly Father's message was conveyed and that is all that matters.  I was so surprised by what I had said and how bold of a statement I had made, but it was Heavenly Father's and I am very grateful I was part of this experience for that family. 

On Wednesday Sister Parrish and I were in the Tabernacle and a group of four Chinese came walking in.  We said 'Nín hǎo' and they immediately replied "'Nín hǎo!" Then they motioned for us to walk down with them to the front and take pictures with them.  First we took a  picture with one of the ladies and then with her husband and then the other lady wanted a picture as well and then with her husband.  And then the husbands wanted a picture with us and then more with each couple and it continued like this for several minutes.  Then Sister Parrish got her ipad an asked another guest to take a picture of all of us.  Then they too wanted a picture on their phones...first one with a thumbs up and then one with a peace sign.  Oh my goodness! Sister Parrish and I were trying so hard not to laugh!  They were just so precious!  Once we were done they repeated 'thank you' several times.  Oh they were just the cutest!  I love Chinese people!  This is one reason why I love Temple Square so much; I get to meet so many of Heavenly Father's children everyday! 

I know the spirit of Jesus Christ is real.  Peace does exist in this world.  Hope is possible.  Faith does create miracles.  I love my Savior, Jesus Christ.  He will come again!  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.
Picture taking fun with a Chinese group
Love, Sister Mikeila Aquino

Saying good-bye to my amazing district leader, Sister Jin, from China
Look who I ran into...Uncle Jason!

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