Thursday, April 9, 2015

Love Brings Us Light: The Light of Christ

Temple Square is filled with many remarkable things: the spirit, miracles, peace, happiness, love, fun, hope, people, etc.!  When General Conference comes around all of these double!  I cannot describe how much I loved conference weekend!  To make the Spirit even stronger Conference fell on Easter!  Just like during the Christmas season, there were hundreds and hundreds of people scattered all over the grounds.  We met several wonderful members who strengthened my testimony!
General Conference Easter Sunday

One experience I would like to share is about Nathan and Abby.  Sister Hampton and I were walking by God's Plan and we noticed a family of four over by the Old Testament paintings.Because they had two adorable kids we had to talk with them!  They were members of the church visiting from California for General Conference. We asked Nathan if he was excited to see President Monson speak and his response was, "The President of the United States is Barrack Obama".  :-) Apparently he has been studying the presidents of the United States in school. Little kids are so cute!  We asked if they had ever watched God's Plan before: they hadn't, so we took them through!  When we got to the the room with the scene of the two kids playing baseball, Nathan turned to Abby and said, That's you and me!"  In the next room, Nathan turned to his dad and said "Give me a kiss!"  After the video had finished in the last room, we asked Nathan and Abby why they loved their parents.  At first Nathan said he didn't know.  His dad then asked him, "Remember we talked about this?  What does mom do for you?"  The Spirit hit me so strong right then and there.  
Some of you may be reading this and questioning why I am sharing this experience?  It is hard to describe all of the emotion that was felt in that room. But, as we talked with this family, the Spirit confirmed to me that families are eternal.  As families we should strive to be happy everyday and to cherish each member.  Ultimately, my family is the reason I am on my mission and why I had the opportunity to experience General Conference this weekend.  If it weren't for my parents stalwart example, I would would not have a belief in Jesus Christ or have the faith to love others and share the gospel.  I was also reminded of  how much I love my mom!  Although the official Mother's Day is not here yet, everyday is Mother's Day to me. The love and support she has always given me is seen in the people I meet.  It is in the beautiful flowers planted all around Temple Square.  I feel it during my studies in the scriptures I read.  I feel it as I bear testimony of my Savior.  Had my mother not loved me, I would not be where I am today, enjoying the blessings I have been given.

My challenge to each of you this week is to write a letter to at least one of your family members telling them your appreciation and love for them.  As we serve others and express our love towards them, we become more like our Savior Jesus Christ and that is something that will always make us happy.

I know that Jesus is the living Christ.  My heart is filled with peace and happiness because my Savior was resurrected from the grave.  I love my family!  It is my hope we will all be together for eternity.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Brother Reis from District 1

Kaitlyn! Sister Palmer's sister

Bro McGinn! Our MTC teacher

Hi Olivia!

Our investigator came to Conference with his bishop

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