Thursday, March 19, 2015

Developing a Humble Heart

There is so much to be learned in this life and it is really important we pay attention to the simple things so we can learn the greater lessons in life. This past week Sister Hampton has been having stomach aches and head aches on and off throughout the day. Sunday, after church, we needed to come home so she could rest and hopefully get better. Well on our way home, as we crossed the street an elderly couple was coming from the opposite direction and I said hello to them. They both responded with a warm smile and hello. Then the lady said "Don't you know how to talk?" Sister Hampton and I looked at each other confused. She stopped Sister Hampton and said, "I said hello to you." Sister Hampton didn't notice but when I looked back I saw the lady shake her head at her husband. I could not believe what this lady had just done to Sister Hampton! Sister Hampton was very ill and wasn't paying attention because she was in pain and this lady was chastising her because she didn't hear her say hello?

 As we continued to walk the question came to my mind, 'How often do I criticize someone else without knowing their situation?' My answer? Too many times to count. I realized that although I did not agree with what this lady had said, I was guilty of this myself. I learned that it can be very easy to be quick to criticize, but it can be difficult to turn around and sincerely love as the Savior did. Many times throughout our lives we blame others or judge them when life doesn't go our way or when we disagree with others' choices, but as we strive to follow the Savior's example of humility, we will be able to see everyone as precious children of God who are loved and who we can love. In the Book of Mormon it says, Yea, and many did preach with exceedingly great power and authority, unto the bringing down many of them into the depths of humility, to be the humble followers of God and the Lamb (Heleman 6:5).

I invite each of you to serve one person who has offended or hurt you. You could send them a text asking how their day is going, or write them a letter telling them why you appreciate them, or pray for them to overcome a trial they are facing. Whatever it is you decide to do, serve them with sincere love and care. If you aren't sure who to serve, pray to God and ask for His help. I promise you that as you serve this person with love and humility, you will be happier and a weight will be lifted off of your shoulders.
I know humility brings eternal happiness. I am not perfect at being humble and never will be, but I know through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I can learn to love everyone! I have a strong testimony of trials and that they are a blessing from heaven. Without trials I would not be able to grow a stronger relationship with my Savior and Heavenly Father. I know that the Book of Mormon brings the peace I seek in times of darkness and confusion. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Sister Aquino

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