Thursday, January 15, 2015

Smiley Grandpa Ron

Wow!  Another week has come and gone!  Next Wednesday I will be in my third transfer and done with the 12 week training.  Crazy!  I am absolutely loving my mission!  I can never say that enough.

Sadly, my trainer, Sister Palmer will be going home next week!  She has been a great influence in my life.  She has helped me to become a more obedient and effective missionary.  I will miss her dearly and I know many others here in the mission will miss her as well.  I know Heavenly Father needs her to go and help others in their lives now.  Whatever she does and wherever she goes I know she will be wonderful!

Friday I had the opportunity to attend my first Tagalog meeting.  International sisters here in this mission have meetings where they help each other out on improving ways to take tours and contact people.  This is one of the rare times they can speak in their native language as well.  As most of you know, the only language I speak is English, but since I am Filipino, I was invited.  During part of the meeting each sister went around and shared why they decided to serve a mission.  There was only one other sister in the room that did not speak in Tagalog, but she could understand the language.  But, not being able to understand definitely did NOT ruin the experience for me.  Although I could not understand a single word these sisters were saying, I could clearly feel the Spirit of their testimonies.  I knew that each of them had a testimony of the Savior and a strong conviction in their decision to serve a mission.  It was such a wonderful feeling that is almost indescribable.  It was an experience I will never forget. 

Sister Palmer and I have been struggling pretty much both of the transfers that I have been here with finding solid new investigators.  Unfortunately we have had to drop a ton of our contacts in our area book.  We have been praying really hard, asking for help, but everything is in the Lord's time.  Typically the people that come on to chat with us are either argumentative or are not interested in staying in contact with us to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Saturday was different.  We chatted with so many people who had sincere questions and by the end of the day we had two new investigators!  Sister Palmer and I immediately got on our knees after both chats and expressed our gratitude to our Heavenly Father.  I am thankful to Him for giving us our trials because it was all worth it!  Even if it does not work out with both of these new investigators, I am grateful we had the experience to have joy in finding them.  Heavenly Father blessed us with the determination and lifted our Spirits.

On Sunday as we were walking past the temple we saw this older man walking the opposite direction with a huge smile on his face.  I decided to wave and smile at him.  He stopped to talk with us.  He asked us where we were from, what we did before our missions, and what we were going to study when we got back.  He was just a super friendly old gentleman.  The whole time he had this warm big smile on his face.  As we said our good byes I asked what his name was and he said "Grandpa Ron."  Afterwards, Sister Palmer and I called him "Smiley Grandpa Ron."  My invitation to you this week is to smile at as many people as you can, wherever you go.  I promise you it will make their day!

I love my Savior.  What a blessing it has been for me to meet the people I have met.  Although I am done with my official training, I know the Lord has much more in store for me to learn.  I am excited for what this next transfer will bring into my life.  I know that the prophets in the Book of Mormon did have personal testimonies of the Savior.  I believe in the Holy Ghost.  God places certain people in our lives to take care of us.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Love Sister Aquino

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